Sunday, April 1, 2012

Journal Page

I used my Pan Pastels and I should use them more but sometimes I do these journals at home and the Pan Pastels are at the studio. I also sprayed it with SpecraFix which is non toxic and sets the pastels.
I also used Puff Paint for the tree. it's so cute and puffy but you can't see it in the picture. That is really fun stuff!


Kathryn Zbrzezny said...

I always love your art journal pages, Martha! Have a happy new week full of paint!

Anne said...

Beautiful!! Lovely blog ~ I'm now following! So nice to "meet" you!
Anne ♥♥

Nancy said...

Ditto what Katy said- your journal pages are just intriguing!

Sharon said...

Your art journal pages are just beautiful. Love your work!

Poetic Artist said...

How I love your writing in your journals..Beautiful.

Classes Online said...

You really have the art in your heart. I love your journals as much as I love to start writing journals on my own...It could not be as artistic as yours but It would be as inspired as a young heart of writing journals :)

Thanks Martha

Jan said...

do you put down the pastel after you write or before? And what kind of pen will write over pastel? thanks! Jan


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