Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Crackle Pear ll

I didn't do a progression on this 11 x 14 one but I wish that I had because this one almost became a gesso "paint-over." I just kept fiddling and fiddling and it finally came around.  I am working on these panels.
I find that it's just too bouncy on a regular canvas and I can't scrape and sand and abuse it as much as these wooden panels. They are very affordable and I love to use them. The background is collaged scrapbook paper and then the "you get what you get" technique. Yes, I have gone pear crazy.


Mother of twenty daughters said...

Loving your pear-ology art! You have such a great way of creating fantabulous art!

Peggy said...

So many pears, so little time... I'm loving your Pearology class, Martha! You are a great teacher! Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

Isabel said...

Love the crackle love all the texture. I agree the canvas is to bouncy frustrates me, I love using wood panels blocks and recently found wood boxes at Michaels :O)

Michelle O'Connor said...

When you scratch and rub off your backgrounds to reveal your under-painting and collage elements, how do you do it? I've used baby wipes as suggested by Traci Bunkers but I'm wondering what other techniques you've had success with?


Lisa Graham Art said...

I really love this one Martha. Some of my favorite colors...the texture at the bottom really got my attention.


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