Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gessobord with texture


Back to acrylic for this one. This is on a 6x6 Gessobord with a Chevron stencil and Wood Icing 
The texture in the background makes it interesting so I think I will use this stencil on more of these panels. I like painting on these panels. This is the 1/8 inch so they are very affordable.


Gutsy Arts Girl said...

Great painting! A couple questions:
1. As a student of yours with credit card flowers (which by the way I loved and have been practicing! - YOU make it look so easy...and in principle it should be :-) Let's just say I am still working it :-)
ANYHOO - wondering if you used it on your flowers here?
2. Wood icing I have never heard of - followed your link and read up - so is it like a heavy modelling paste then? Do you prefer it over modeling paste?
Again, thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

Mary said...

So, so pretty!

MB Shaw said...

Martha, I love the way you are using the Wood Icing in this piece, it is certainly part of it, but the texture becomes secondary. LOVE that!!!


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