Monday, April 2, 2012

Pear-ology class starts today!

Here is another pear I painted on 300 lb Arches paper. I put some special Japanese tissue paper in the background and it makes the yummiest textures for any type of watercolor painting background. I go over all this in the Pear-ology class that starts ----today!!!

For me, I think that this is my best class so far because not only do we paint pears I show many watercolor techniques that will  help for future watercolor paintings. I had fun filming it.

If you signed up then I sure hope you enjoy becoming a Pear-ologist. :))


Peggy said...

Yipeee! Looking forward to it. Thanks, Martha!

lori vliegen said...

this yummy background makes the pear look even more delicious! you get the nobel prize for being the world's top pear-ologist!! xoxo

Claire M said...

Wow.... that pear looks so real!! Can't wait to learn some of your tips!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Elvie - you are the Top Pear-ologist. I'd love to meet both you & Lori. I'd learn so much from BOTH of you or just stare in AWE.
Grandma Nancy Sapp

Sharon said...

I am loving this class. You are so right about all the different techniques you show. A true learning class and everything I learn can be applied to so many things. Not just pears. Although I must say as I was painting away I was getting very hungry for a pear. I now look at the produce dept. in a different way. :-)


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