Friday, December 11, 2009

Scratch Journal

Packing tape transfer.
Just thought I would add some lettering from my files---just for kicks.
When I am using acrylic paint I try not to ever waste any paint so I have this really cheap (from Walgreens) sketch journal that I clean my pallet and empty my brushes with. I scrumble it around and it doesn't matter what the colors are or where they go. Of course this usually turns out better than the thing I was painting-- which was Conglaromara from yesterday's post. On the top image I have used a packing tape transfer of a girl I drew in pencil and since I don't have a printer with toner I had to make a trip to the UPS store for Canon copies. I had a Canon copier but I sold it in our last move and now I am so sorry that I did. :( The bottom image is some lettering. Do you have a cheap scratch journal?? You should--you will be surprised with what happens in that cheap, no pressure journal!
Oh and here is a packing tape YouTube. She uses different paper but if you use images from a printer it has to be laser toner.


Mary said...

Marthy even your scratch journal is beautiful. I like the randomness of the paint on it. I have been wanting to try packing tape transfers - I have been wanting to try lots of things. I think beginning next year, I will pick one new thing to do a week. Well, at least make the list of new things!!
Calligraphy is on the top! I am embarrassed to say I have not even begun your class. I had too many classes going when yours began, and I have looked at few places for left handed nibs and cannot find them. I know they are out there. So if the class is still accessible in January I will begin.

Tess said...

Oh Martha, Everything you do just turns out so gorgeous. Thanks for the YouTube link. That was a great little video.

CelticWoman said...

I love scratch journals and yours is wonderful. Sandi

sara's art house said...

OK- I absolutely LOVE the idea of saving your paint this way!!! Looks great.

Gina Lee Kim said...

Claudine Hellmuth taught us about packing tape transfers or cold transfers in her workshop! are amazing. Simply amazing.


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