Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 26

Well, I do hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season and Christmas Day was wonderful! We had to leave Greenville today back to Jacksonville because we have other family coming into town tomorrow which will be very fun but I will miss my precious Baby Marc and of course his sweet mama and daddy. We had a wonderful Christmas and I got many wonderful things. Some of my favorites were gift certificates to heaven on earth---HOBBY LOBBY!!!!! WEEEEE!!!! I also got a new Clic T-Mobile phone which is also very awesome. It gets on the internet and email and all sorts of neat stuff. I never took a picture of our tree which is coming down very soon and big bad Bucky sitting and posing with his bad self. For such a precious, sweet. loving and cute dog he really can be very bad. We won't go into that. Anyway, my phone took this picture! Continued blessings to all!!!

Oh---and the presents are fake for effect.


Kim Shenberger said...

Hee! Oh, I do believe I'd like big, bad Bucky--he has a certain gleam in his eye that I recognize--having my own bad girl, Ivy, a Vizsla who is the best dog in the world--if you keep both eyes peeled at all times!

Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas! Blessings,K

PS: here's a link to some ornery Ivy stories, if you're interested. . .


jgr said...

Hi Martha,
Glad you had a great time with your family.
Mocha (our cat) is kindof bad too-but SO cute he gets away with everything - haha! Happy 2010!!

Carol Sloan said...

Now I just have to know what (the)Bad Bucky did...Gotta love our puppy dogs!

beedeebabee♥ said...

How can such a sweet little Bucky be so bad??? precious Jingles has his bad moments too. He destroyed one of my shades yesterday trying to get a closer look at an outside visitor...but they're so cute, we forgive them for all their bad deeds almost instantly...who cares if he's been scratching the back of my comfy chair!!!... Your tree is just gorgeous, and so are those gifts, for effect! hee hee hee! xoxo


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