Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I must say that I am a conflicted artist right now. My desire is to get to be a better oil painter but sometimes I just can't make myself go paint. I was doing fairly well on my 120 daily paintings
until I had somewhat of a painting set back and since then I just haven't
 been able to crank it back up. I do enjoy my Friday painting class though.
Anyway, here is a journal page I did today. I used Pan Pastels although it does 
look like watercolor. I sprayed it with SpectraFix but then I couldn't 
write on it with my calligraphy nib so I had to add clear
gesso. That solved it and it created a wonderful, slightly gritty surface to write on.  Gesso is wonderful that way. Such a problem solver in many ways... clear or white.
 Don't you just love that face stamp? I do. 

Now, look who's walking!
Sweet Morgan. She will be a year old October 14th.


Dion Dior said...

I know what you mean by conflicted artist. However all your work is beautiful and I love the colors in this one. Hugs xx

lori vliegen said...

love the new look on your the new artwork.....and LOVE seeing that sweet little dumplin' walking!! oh my goodness, she is so precious!! xoxox

Fran said...

Very effective piece. I didn't even know you could buy 'clear' gesso! Your grand-daughter is really sweet! Your grandson is a real cutie too. :)

Janie Husband said...

sweet,sweet baby girl.....i have not been very productive in the art department lately myself....... i am making my christmas cards though.... ;-)

Marie aka Grams said...

I think in art we reach stages of incubation and integration. We need those times as much as active practice. It's a renewal and recharging of the creative batteries. Enjoy your time without guilt.
"Variety is the spice of life", right?

Lisa Graham Art said...

Look at that baby go! They grown so fast! Your face stamp is lovely. I like gesso a lot too...sometimes I forget about that option so thank you for the reminder!

Nicole said...

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