Friday, October 12, 2012

Dreama Tolle Perry--- Day 2

Yes, she is nothing short of fabulous! I made it through day 2. Thank goodness for a Z-pack antibiotic because today I was better. Not a lot better but---better.

Here are the paintings from the class. You see they are all very good. That shows you what a great teacher Dreama is. Mine is the one on the bottom right.
Now for Day 2 painting...
Step 1---not too much yet. Just some blocked in colors.

I should have taken more progression shots but for today this is how I left it.  Need to do just a bit of tweaking tomorrow to punch some colors.  Both paintings are 12 x 12. Tomorrow I can't stay all day at the workshop because we are heading up the Greenville, SC for baby Morgan's 1st birthday and I will be up there all week. Looking forward to it!

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Charmingdesigns said...

What wonderful paintings. I contacted Dreama, she will be coming to Calif in 2014...this will give me time to gather everything I
have you purchased her book?


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