Monday, October 29, 2012

Little Antique Store in Highlands, NC

This little antique store in Highlands, NC, was just about the cutest little place I have ever seen. Oh, and the darling stuff that was in the yard. Ever since I took this picture I have wanted to paint it but I knew it would be a challenge. And it was. I can see that I have trouble with perspective so I need to keep practicing that.  I almost put in the little pig but decided to crop it.

Here are some of the darling things that were for sale there. I could just slap myself for not getting one or two of those little pigs or a rooster. I could have put them here at the studio. Well, if I ever get back them maybe I will.


Mary said...

I love how you keep pursuing your gift. I know the only way to improve is to paint, and paint some more...something I have been neglecting...


Kelly said...

Beautiful Martha. I have trouble with perspective drawing, you did a great job! What a charming little store. I agree with Mary, "I love how you keep pursuing your gift". too.

Hugs and blessings

Lisa Graham said...

Such charm this has Martha!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your painting of the little antique store! AND your picket fence is darling.
Thanks for sharing,
Grandma Nancy Sapp

Anonymous said...

Hello Martha!!I've looked up info online for Highlands,NC antique stores to see if I could find this store...but no luck.Can you please tell me the name or any information you have on it?I would greatly appreciate it...thankyou very much!!All The Best!!:)


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