Monday, July 27, 2009

Purple Dreams

I have done this technique before but when I was at Random Arts I got a sheet showing how to do this and it joggled my memory. It's so easy and fun. It's just a stamp spritzed with water after color is added. Even painting the flowers without the stamp cannot get this effect so---I do love it. I used a very small black Pilot G-Tec pen for the outline. I think cutting your own stamps would make it an original but this one is a Hero Arts stamp I believe.  This one is 51/2 x 5. Just a snippet!

 I will be adding other original or "Snippets, etc" to my Etsy shop today. To see what's new look here, and here, and here...

ALSO--- Calligra-FUN class update---check out Carol Sloan and Julie Bagamary---they are practicing and lookin' good. Carol has only done  one and a half videos out of the five---she got it quick!

Also look at Sue Krei!  Yep, I am very proud of my students!


Sherry said...

Love this! Email me your street address.

lori vliegen said...

very cute! :)


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