Sunday, July 5, 2009

Art Quotes

I think I have gone crazy with iMovie. For all you PC users--iMovie is the movie editing software that comes with the Mac. I learned this really well when I was editing my online class which starts July 22nd. 

That was a shameless plug, I know.

It is so fun to make little movies. This is just some fun calligraphy lettering in an old half used watercolor spiral notebook. The images were stamps with water washes added. I used a pointed nib for the lettering and the paper was actually too rough for the nib but no matter--it was all just practice. My one goal in my art life is to be a lettering artist first--mixed media artist next then fine artist (hee hee, it's ok to laugh at that last one!)



Julie Bagamary said...

Beautiful art and wonderful presentation.

NatashaMay said...

I love it! Your watercolor art is beautiful and when you add your calligraphy it's just amazing.

Jane Farr said...

Thanks for starting my work week off right Martha - beautiful lettering and illustrations!


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