Thursday, July 30, 2009

BEE book

I did write and put this book together about a year ago or so but I never got it published. I did look into some self publishers (or as a radio show personality says, "vanity press") but it was still very expensive so I am thinking I will just print them myself on demand and maybe sell a few. I also have another children's book that is published and I sent one to Mary Freeman and she blogged it today. So sweet of her.

 Enjoy the BEE book!


Sue B said...

Martha check into We used them to self publish our book - It won't cost you any money and you can sell all your books through them or through amazon.

Julie Bagamary said...

I LOVE this book! You have done a wonderful job!

Sherry said...

A must have for my Peanut. Please let me know when you publich and where I can purchase. This is awesome!

lori vliegen said...

still one of my all-time favorite martha lever books! love, love, love it!! :)

Sue Krei said... many talents do you have woman!????? This is adorable! I love it!! I would check into that createspace as SueB suggested....might be the way to go!! Too cute and a perfect gift item!

Mary said...

Oh Martha, put me at the top of list for at least two of them!!! I love it, love that you used the cute Bee to communicate the BE's!! Loved the little bee's wings folded in prayer.

You HAVE to get it published!!!

Thank you again for my sweet gift!!



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