Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Orange Stitch flowers

This is a watercolor wash background for the pedals and a much too watery script stamp in the background. Probably, the lettering could have been left off of this one but I think I just wanted to put the little dew drop on the leaf with a little faux crystal. Do you see it? It's not good with the scan and I tried to fix it a bit but that didn't help. I am also not that crazy about Tagore---what does this quote mean anyway???  Rhetorical question--
Bernie did a good job but I do think I need that walking foot. Hopefully soon. So if I had it to do all over again, I'd not use the script stamp and put just the lettering.  Both together makes it a bit busy but---it is what it is...art du jour!


Anita said...

Honestly, the piece is perfect! You just invented a new idea...let the letters run; it's makes a lovely background! I'm also just learning how to let go of my "expectations" of the outcome of a piece to see it's true beauty. You can still make your planned piece, but, truely, this one is lovely.

Sherry said...

Another great peice Martha.

For The Love of Beads said...

The colours are lovely and I actually quite like the watery letters in the background, it adds a cool kind of dream-haze quality to the piece. If anything I would leave out the quote or find a shorter one.

Beautiful work as it is tho!


Tess said...

Oh MArtha, You are your own worst critic, but then aren't we all?!! LOL I think it;s lovely and yes I see the dew drop. Nice touch I think. I like the colors you chose for this piece too.
As for the quote, I suppose it means not to dwell too long in the moment. Maybe!!

Sue Krei said...

I like this piece just as it is. You know, I have some old letters from back in the 1800's and the script on them has run into the paper, and left blobbies. So, it makes yours look authentic...like real old script. So, not to worry Martha!! It is a pretty piece and I like it!!

Mary said...

Oh I love this. I am so drawn to the colors!!! And I like the script stamp!! :)


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