Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Listen! My Beloved!

Here is another piece that I plan to put into the show at the JCA here in Jacksonville in May. It is a tribute to Bobbi Yoffee, the most talented calligraphic artist I have even known, and had the privilege of knowing and studying with.  She passed away with cancer several years ago. She loved doing  Song of Solomon Scriptures. We all miss her terribly. She used to do Ketubahs(among other stunning works of art) that you couldn't even believe a human could do with beautiful illustrations and calligraphic Hebrew letters. Absolutely amazing. 

This background with painted with FW Inks and the lettering was done with Windsor Newton Gouache. The frame is from Target.  Love these frames with the thick wide mat.


lori vliegen said...

i think that Bobbi would have loved this...very colorful, and she loved playing with color!! :)

Sue K said...

This is just lovely Martha! You do such beautiful work and are such an inspiration to me! As I said, I check your blog daily, first thing in the morning, and I've yet to be disappointed! Wonderful!

Tess said...

Inspirational! Lovely!

Brenda said...

How totally beautiful - and I just love the way you have framed it.

carolyn said...

what a beautiful tribute to your friend.
your calligraphy is so wonderful. i want to learn how to do it.
btw, i am photo tagging you!
if you have a moment, come visit my blog to get the scoop!


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