Saturday, March 7, 2009

Getting ready to paint

Just a few sketches in my journal getting ready start my Michelle Brown class and paint. I'll have to see how I do before I blog any.  Yellows are more difficult to paint with for me so-- I am not sure how this will turn out. I also think the daffodil is a hard flower to draw with all the wavy ruffles.  Oh, but what a wonderful flower!!  My mama had them growing the the back yard when I was a little girl and I loved to go and run through them and pick them. What wonderful memories I have of little Mattie Lou happy girl (that's me) growing up in that sleepy little Georgia town of West Point. I am smiling now with the stinging of a little tear.


Sherry said...

Your sketch is so wonderful it doesn't matter how you do with the yellow. I'm taking her Loosen Up class before doing the flowers.

jgr said...

I love your flowers, I love all of your work. I hope you'll be showing us some of your work from the class, too. My husband is from Newnan, GA not too far from West Point-I think.


Sue K said...

Love your sketches Martha! I see that you can draw very well too. I am going to work on mine somemore before posting them. I am taking her Lossen up course and think I'll work my way through that first before attempting painting them too much. I signed up for both classes. I tried one attempt and boy, they look like yellow blobs so far!

Brenda Heisler said...

Very nice. I love daffodils too. I think you are right. They would be hard to draw. But this looks so perfect.


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