Monday, June 29, 2009

Rags and Random Moments Book

Front cover
I actually held my breath and stitched the bird on later. It was very heavy card stock and the thread came out so I guess I pushed it to it's limit. Actually I am sure I could have rethreaded and gone on--I got brave after I took the pic.

FAITH- HOPE- LOVE is done with a Zig calligraphy marker. I love the look of calligraphy markers on canvas. Then you can outline--or whatever.  Maybe that will be my next online class.
There was no planning for any of the pages, I basically "randomly" put stuff on, whatever was close by because basically I was testing all the stitches to see what would happen.  I didn't use the free stitch foot because I was so in the Bernina zone that I forgot I even had it. It took me one whole afternoon and into the night to complete it but as you know--you look up and several hours have passed.

That's a little pocket of Poppies that accidently got sewn shut.

This book was inspired by the cover of the current issue of Somerset Sew. Goodness, what would I do if I was not so inspired ay all the artists on the blogs, mags and websites?? Hummm (that's a hummm for sure!)---I wonder if I would be dead in the water---artistically speaking of course--or would I be off on some different art adventure with just me and my muse? I often wonder that--but no need to go there because I am here--- now--- and loving being inspired by so many wonderful artists who are so willing to share how they make their art. Thank you to all---and most of you know who you are!

Ok back to the book----I was so excited that the needle went through this many layers painted canvas that I almost fell off my chair in excitement. Now if I can just learn to sew on a button!


Cristi said...

Great project, Martha! I've got some yardage of pre-primed canvas. Hmmm, I wonder if I could sew through that?

K said...

I love it!!! Love the "FAITH-HOPE-LOVE"! :)

Tita Mama said...

Wonderful journal!! I just love it! And I so agree with you about all the artists who blog and share their ideas and techniques. If not for them (and you) my art education would be sorely lacking!

Mary said...

Martha it is a beauty!!
I am not a sewer. I did purchase a simple machine last summer - I think I need to get a heaver needle. I cannot even sew on watercolor paper without it snagging up. Someone told me to get a need to sewing denim.

I don't know how long or how much work this book was, but boy would they be wonderful gifts!!!!

Have a great day Martha - I am so inspired by all you do. It is a treat to visit you.


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful Book Martha!! have you seen Dj Petit's work??? how many layers of canvas were you putting together here?/ Doesn't the machine open up soooo many wonderful posssiblities!!!
Love It!

Sue Krei said...

Oh Martha...this is a beauty! What a wonderful keepsake! I've been checking out all the wonderful blogs too and I am so inspired, I think my head might explode!
How did you bind the book??? Stitched??? Love it!!!!

julie king said...

i am so in awe of what you randomly threw together here! i'm bowing down in that i'm not worthy stance right now -- to you my friend!! i hope you know that you inspire just as much as you get inspired by others!!!

Gifts of Creation said...

Martha thanks for your lovely comment on the dogs! I love this are always creating something so special!!! What will you do next!!

Tracy said...

your books are absolutely georgous! i love them!


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