Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Layer Love

This is more "Layer Love" in my special journal that I will give you more details on it later---because it is really special.  I am still only on Lesson 4 ish.  But I am enjoying it so much. 
I started this one with yellow and built around it with sap green and blues, punchanella and my favorite stamp--tp roll.  


Julie Bagamary said...

Beautiful! I'm wanting to find some punchanella.

Tracy said...

i love the colors! i always felt that it takes such courage to use colors like that.

Anonymous said...

I love this layering...I almost took Julie's class. I had a good laugh when I read about your dog's summer haircut.

beedeebabee said...

Your artwork and lettering is just beautiful, and so are your daughter and grandbaby! Smiles, Paulette :o)


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