Thursday, June 11, 2009

Journal Junkin'

Just a little journal junkin'. Some of it is left over paint on my pallet and  one of the images is a fabric painting and two are a fabric print.  Does anybody feel guilty about all the journals they have going?  Maybe one day I will complete one of them.  Some are half full---and one of these days maybe I should write something in one. I love to see journals with art work that has writing in it. Don't know why I have a writing block about that. Just crazy that way I guess. Love the way Carol Sloan does it. She is going to Birmingham, AL, for the DJ Pettit workshop. How lucky is she??????


lori vliegen said...

your journal is looking GREAT! and as far as feeling guilty goes....i feel guilty about all of the EMPTY journals i have that are waiting to be filled! :)))

Julie Bagamary said...

They are beautiful and make great gifts.

julie king said...

just what every self-respecting dog needs - short, short summer cut!! lol

your journal is looking great!

jgr said...

So glad I'm not the only one! I have journals all over the place! I also can't write in one until it's decorated. FUN!

presious said...

Wow Martha,

Love your art! I like the wind blowing and the girls seeming to just feel the breeze as it passes by. Very nice.

It's nice to look at a piece of art and be able to "feel" some aspect of it, almost like a sensation. I get that from these pieces. Makes me want to go outside and feel a cool breeze. I do get hot flashes! :) LOL

Thanks you for that.


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