Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just Playin' Around

The image above one measures about 4 x 8 and the one below is 5 x 5.
I have to say I haven't had this much fun in quite a while. I do love my new Bernina now that I've kinda gotten the hang of it. I can switch thread color fairly quickly now so that's helpful.  I really had no plan with these pieces but just started piecing some watercolors together that I had torn up. And the calligraphy was just little practice pieces that I had.
The bottom one is a watercolor sewn on to canvas and the three little dots are French Knots. They are fun to do too--of course they are hand stitched. The magic Bernina isn't quite that magic--
It's all really fun but I have noticed one thing---thread color is like paint color--you need them all!


Carol Sloan said...

Yay for you! When you come to G'ville, bring the baby(newest one) and we can sew together! I'll show you some really cool tricks...and yes, thread is paint to the quickly you catch on!

Mary said...

These are wonderful. Martha you are so very talented!!

Love your banner!!

Cristi said...

Martha, Martha, Martha! I just LOVE these!!! I so glad you like your new machine...

Thank you so much for your offer of one of you Knobby art pieces :-). I'm headed to your shop now.

Big Hugs!

Julie Bagamary said...

YUP YUP - you are having fun now!

Staci Danford said...

Those were both the most wonderful quote on such lovely work. I stopped to read them both again hoping that they both sink in and take root within my soul..

Jane Farr said...

Wonderful new pieces Martha! The excitement for your new tool really shows through your work. I like your new header too.

jgr said...

Lovely new banner! And your work artwork and stitching and lettering is so great! So glad you and Bernina are getting along. teehee.


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