Sunday, April 19, 2009


Here is another ditty with the FX edges applied. This is on a little 5 x 7 canvas board. Have you ever received those freebie note cards in the mail and usually you glance through them and then file them away and revolving file 13? I usually do that whenever things like that come in but these little birdies were a keeper. So I collaged them into a little piece.

I am working hard at filming an online brush lettering class that will be offered at Creative Workshops. I filmed the first one today and I got so frustrated--I did the whole first lesson thinking it was recording when it wasn't! ARGGG---but maybe I did better the second time. iMovie is what I am using to edit and there is a learning curve there. And--goodness gracious--my hands in the video look like I am 90 years old! Well, nothing I can do about that---but as the saying goes..."the face will deceive but the hands (and neck) never lie!" Hopefully no one will notice... But really, who cares anyhoo?? Age is just a number... and mine is unlisted. :) I also sound like backwoods Betty. I never really realized what a twang I have until I started filming myself. Ok so--byyyye y'all. See ya tomarra.


jgr said...

Hi Martha,
I like the birdies, and I'm sure your video will be great!

Sue K said...

Oh...I am sooo excited to know that your workshop is in the making! As I told you...I will be one of your students when you are ready. Those markers I bought are sitting in my studio calling to me!!! I love the birdies!!! So cute! I bought myself a new toy the other day...a Bind-it All. So I am making a junk journal out of old file!!!!

Fotf said...

That is very tweet Martha lol, no seriously i love the birds which is why i came for a closer look :-)

SueK said...

Me!!! Don't worry about your hands(mine look the same...bumps and lumps and spots....they just show years of creative work, and as far as your voice goes...I love your accent!! It is part of your sweet personality!! All of it makes you YOU! Now you just quit fretting!

Carol Sloan said...

Oh my...does that mean that I have a twang too...? I don't think that living in SC will give me one, do you? Well, if it does and you have one too then that makes us two peas in a liddle ole bitty pod, doesn't it? I'm lookin forward to hearing your dang twang!


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