Sunday, April 12, 2009

Baby Marc's room!

We had fun fixing up the baby's room in Greenville, SC. Our son, Zach, mathematically measured all pictures (he is very left brained as well as right brained) and he and his dad hung everything. Marc, Macaulay's husband, was at work so when he got home it was all finished.
Zach even assembled a very cool swing that you can add iPod songs to and also assembled the jogging stroller. He was most helpful! Now he is back at law school at the University of FL for the last grueling 2 1/2 weeks until final exams are over and he is ALL DONE. If all goes well--he will finish his last exam on May 1st then be ready to come for the birthing around May 3rd--ish. And that is, if baby Marc cooperates. We'll see!


Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

The baby's room looks wonderful! Your paintings added just the right touch.

lori vliegen said...!! absolutely TOO CUTE!! sweet little baby marc is going to be so happy in that little froggie room...i see love everywhere i look! your artwork is just precious, martha! now, if he would just come on and be born....!


Suzanne said...

This was the biggest treat. That already much loved child is blessed indeed!


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