Sunday, April 26, 2009

Crossroads Store

Well, I have to confess, I am a DJ Pettitt wannabe. I have never met her and have never seen how she does all of her beautiful, to-die-for art, but one thing that really intrigues me is how she does her altered photographs--among lots of other art she creates. Does she paint directly over the art....just what does she do? Hopefully one day I will find out but in the meantime I think I will try altering the photographs by painting directly over the printed photo. This was a trial run and I think that next time I will put mat medium on first---I don't really know why---I just like to use acrylic over mat medium. And maybe I will make the next one a bit more painterly.

This is a little store that is just outside of West Point, GA, my old stomping grounds, on Hwy 18 on the way to Callaway Gardens. It is like stepping into the 19th century when you go in and it has probably been there that long. They are still open for business in the middle of no-where land and the neatest antiquities you have ever seen. The people who work there are antiquities also with the most southern of southern accents ---actually-- probably just like mine.

Above is the altered after photo that I painted and below is the real before photograph I took several years ago. I think I started with a rather difficult one but it was really fun. I think I will do some more! Next time---maybe a bird.


Sue K said...

Too wonderful Martha!! Yes, I love DJ's work too. Just wonderful! That little store looks like someplace I'd love to go snooping around! Have a great Monday!

lori vliegen said...

hey, i think you did an AWESOME job on this (is this something that even i, the non-painter, could do?)!! but, we can always ask DJ to come to florida anyway, right?! oooh, how much fun would that be?!! :)


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