Monday, April 27, 2009

Flat Stanley Has come to visit

Flat Stanley has come for a visit from my grand nephew, Zachry. Flat Stanley came all the way from Peachtree City, GA, for an adventure. Here is Stanley and Bucky just arriving at the Red Door for a little art time.  I take pictures of Stanley doing different things and send them back to Zachry who shares them with his second grade class. Flat Stanley will be going back to Peachtree City soon. It has been fun having him here for a visit. Bucky has enjoyed him too.

Also---->the grandbaby is due May 3rd---that's this Sunday!  We'll see if he cooperates! I am getting excited and our daughter is REALLY ready. 


Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Congratulations on your upcoming addition!

Love the Flat Stanley tradition - lots of memories in the making for your grand nephew (and you!).

joolz said...

flat stanley has got to be one of my favourite books! i hope he has a wonderful stay with you with lots of adventures :) wising you and your family well for the upcoming event! :)

Julie Bagamary said...

Being an aunt is great!

Sue K said...

We did this with our granddaughter a couple of years ago. Only it was a Flat Kylie!! What fun!
Did Stanley enjoy his visit??? LOL!!!
Have a great day!

lori vliegen said...

boy, i'll bet flat stanley has had an absolute ball playing in your studio!! so much to explore!! and, it looks like buckey took good care of him, too! too cute!! :)

PrairiePeasant said...

That is so fun to help Stanley with his travels! I hope you are enjoying the anticipation of grandma-hood.

The sursy arrived here safe and sound and is so delightful! Thank you so much Martha for your generosity!

Mary said...

Flat Stanley is cute, but Buddy is the cutest!!! Is he a corgi??


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