Thursday, April 23, 2009


That's really true isn't it? How may times have I started to chunk the piece in the trash thinking that I can't let it live on with the mistakes. Sometimes for calligraphy that is really the truth but I am finding out that with mixed-media paintings there are no mistakes---none. You can keep them all and as I always say...thank goodness for Gesso!!! And allowing myself to makes the mistakes....well, I am still working on that one---but I'm getting better.

I wrote this several days ago. I just love this quote---and I love calligraphy. It is my artistic first love. Sometimes when I venture too far away from my pens they call to me,"Martha, come write with us...we have wonderful things to say..."
Yes, I do talk to my pens but sometimes I have to scold them when they are not behaving!


Jane Farr said...

Love this post!!!! I can sooo relate - and I've always loved this quote. (along with the 50,000 or so I've collected thinking, "Oh! I'll letter that one!") Beautiful lettering Martha. :-)

Sue K said...

I've seen that quote before too and it caught my eye! I was thinking about using it in a piece that I have in mind. You did a lovely job the splotches!

lori vliegen said...

i haven't seen this quote's a GREAT one!! and just so you know that you're not alone, i talk to my pens, and scold them, too!! :))))

Carol Sloan said...

I don't know whether to run with fright or sit and laugh because I understand and even do the very things that you speak of! (and it's that behavior that has our husbands looking at us rather oddly from time to time...!)


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