Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Paste Paper Bookmark--Lost but now Found

Since I have been home from helping our daughter with the new baby I haven't felt much like creating anything even though the itch is coming back to create some new things. So instead I have been organizing, cleaning out and going through some of the mounds of artwork and discarded artwork all jumbled up together stuffed in drawers. Sometimes I find a little special gem (gem is in the eye of the beholder!) hidden amongst all the mounds and I go--"oh, yeah, I remember doing that!" Well, this is a little paste paper hand-lettered bookmark that I probably didn't think much of when I did it but since I found it and liked it-- I thought I would blog it . Of course the Scripture is one of my favorites and is something that I pray for often (for me!) 

1 comment:

Courtm said...

I love your bookmark!


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