Monday, May 25, 2009

Marc and Audi

Dogs are so amazing. Macaulay and Marc have been very careful that the two dogs, Audi, the German Shephard and Dixie, the Springer Spaniel, have kept their distance although they are the sweetest and most loving of dogs. The German Shepherd is very curious and loves to sniff when allowed but the Springer Spaniel is the very protective one and lies by baby Marc's door if he is crying and bounds over to the crib and stands on her hinds legs to see him.

 We are heading home to Jacksonville today. Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day.


Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

My goodness, I don't see how you can bear to tear yourself away from such a darling baby!

I think most dogs are more intelligent than we humans give them credit for.

Jancalligrapher said...


He is just the cutest baby. Love the yawn. Thanks for your message about the calligraphic piece. Looking forward to it and special thanks for your prayers as well.

Tracy said...

omg he is the cutest baby i have ever seen! i cant believe you are leaving him. i dont think i could have done it.

K said...

how precious!!! he is perfection!! looks like he has a wonderful protector!

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

What a wonderful bond between your grandson and the dogs - they know who is precious!

Elizabeth said...

What wonderful pictures!!! The dogs know who is the most vulnerable in their pack and they will do anything to protect the little guy!! The yawn shot is just too cute!!

Kelly said...

i think most dogs are incredibly intuitive and loving by nature. we had a little dog/child moment at the lake this weekend. sarah fell off the tube and panicked, even though she was perfectly fine in her life jacket, head not even going under water, and isabelle immediately went in the water and was swimming towards her as fast as her four brown legs could take her. she was going to save her girl!


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