Saturday, May 9, 2009

Greenville Journal time

It's so nice to have an ongoing art journal because in the times when there is nothing to do---well, with an art journal there is never nothing to do. I wonder what people do who do do art or have that outlet. I guess they read and do other stuff. I like to read too but I am so funny about the books I read---they better catch me at the first few pages or I am back to the art journal in a flash. But I do SO love reading a good book! Almost as much as painting a successful picture or journal entry. What is successful to me? Something that I really like---now that's successful!
I will be driving home to Jacksonville tomorrow. I hope the departure won't bring too many tears. :(


jgr said...

Hi Martha,
This page is so beautiful! I agree-with an art journal there is never "nothing to do". well said.
Have a safe trip home.

suziart said...

I totally agree with you! I always wonder what people do who don't do any art with their spar time! I feel so blessed. Your journal pages are beautiful. I am finally starting one! I get intimidated by all those blank pages. I am just going to jump in!

PrairiePeasant said...

She's beautiful! I'm a bit intimidated by a blank journal, but a good suggestion to get over that is to start with a used book, and make an altered book. Somehow to me it's less intimidating!


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