Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Songbirds

What a rainy rainy day here in Jacksonville, but my flowers need the rain.  It's a good day just to paint. In fact, I haven't even gotten over to the Red Door Studio today but I have been working in the Closet Door Studio here at home. I really should take a picture of my walk-in closet studio here at home. Actually I get quite alot done when I am here. I don't have much room but I have plenty of room to paint small things and it is well-lit.  I just have to clean as I go or I quickly run out of room.  

These two birds are more painted photographs. I included the photograph that I painted from and you can see that it is altered quite alot.  

Ok so now I need to put on my rubber boots and raincoat and brave the storm to take Bucky out.  I hope he does his business fast---


Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Beautiful little birds! I love the bit of sea blue-green backgrounds you added.

It is raining on the opposite corner too (Washington) - actually pouring, like your type of rain. Everything is so lush and smells so fresh.

jgr said...

Hi Martha,
I like your songbird paintings, perfect for Spring,
also I would LOVE to see photos of your walk-in closet studio, it sounds wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Your birdies are great! I just found your site...I want to check out your other art.

lori vliegen said...

your little birdies look so pretty...i can't wait to see how you're doing this! and, i'm with you...i'm ready for the rain to stop! :)

Jane Farr said...

Very cool Martha. I admire how you're always challenging yourself to learn new techniques and technologies.


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