Monday, April 29, 2013


Angie is a very beautiful girl with a porcelain complexion. She tried to stay out of the sun.
She also likes purple and wears it anytime she can. She has cure hair too. I want her hair.

I used Letraset Flex markers to create her.


Janet Ghio said...

I want her hair too! The color and the style. She's great!

lee said...

I also agree I want her hair, and her complextion love love her

lori vliegen said...

i think you've uncovered a new career as a hairdresser (can i please be your first client?!). she is absolutely adorable! next time we get together for lunch, let's invite her!! xox

iHanna said...

So pretty, she looks like a nice gal! said...

She is beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Just stopped by to see what you have been creating.
Another beautiful girl. They are all so natural looking.
I never knew there were so many different markers available!



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