Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pears in Paradise

Hi Y'all. I have been enjoying my vacation but I have been painting like crazy even though I have been out of town. You know I can't put a paint brush down!

21 Secrets  will be available for purchase on January 2nd but it doesn't begin until April 1.
I will teach you how to paint flowers with a credit card. I will show you how I cut my card for pedals and leaves and we will use the easy value system to make our flowers pop!
If you sign up by clicking my button on the right side of my blog roll then I get "credit" for it.
Sending thanks to you now if you do that!


Peggy said...

The pears in your Etsy shop are tempting. It would be fun to have a row of pear pics in my kitchen, but I think I'm going to hold out for your class so I can learn to paint them myself!!! Happy New Year, Martha!

fran p. said...

Happy New Year, Martha! Missed your posts.....loving these pears...sign me up for the class, can't wait!

Enjoy the remainder of your vacation!

Nancy said...

Luscious pears, and luscious background!

Renee Troy said...

Lovely as always, Martha. Have a healthy and happy New Year.


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