Monday, December 5, 2011

Mother of all Pears

Yep, it's a big pear for sure. I think this is 18 x 18. I sat "her" on the front porch to show how big she is.
 I added some scrapbook papers first and then added the cranberry-ish background color all over. Then I drew out the pear with some sidewalk chalk (that was the closest thing around at the time) and started to layer on the color.  It took quite a while. For some reason painting a pear in different colors, like blue, is pretty easy but when I start to paint a "real" looking pear it gets harder.  But I love pears. There is something just wonderfully lumpy and whimsical about them. And if they are ripe--they are just about the yummiest thing ever.

Here is a journal page I forgot to post the other day.

Also--> Check this out! 
I will be teaching how to paint Credit Card Flowers in the upcoming "21 Secrets" workshop.
It looks like it's a great group of artists this go-round!


Lisa Graham Art said...

What a great pear! Love the checked paper...what a nice touch.

gail said...

Love the pear Martha! When I used to paint I just loved painting pears! Beautiful job!

Nancy said...

Yup... she's a big girl all right. I love the "patchworky" look you achieved in the background with your papers. And the blush on the pear is just right. Very juicy.

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Oh Martha, I'm sorry it has been so long since my last visit. This pear looks so good I could eat it and I just love the cranberry background colour. You really have captured the pear beautifully.

Bets said...

I want that pear!! Okay, so maybe I'd settle for a print. Where can I get my hands on one?

Jennifer DeDonato said...

love that pear...wonderful colors!


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