Saturday, March 29, 2014

Color Drop Flowers

Here is another page in my calendar moleskin planner for the DLP project. I love making the fun color drop flowers and sewing around the edge. It's always so fun to finish off a page like that.  Today we will be given a new challenge for next week's page. Hopefully it's a fun one---!

And I just had to share this one from our grandson, Marc, who will be 5 in May.  It's a Ninja Turtle and they'rrrrrre back!
 It's been 25 years or so since my son, Zach, used to love to watch them on TV.  Well, what goes around comes around.


La Table De Nana said...

Both charming:)

Nancy said...

I love to see children's art! And the DLP project continues to inspire.

fran pascazio said...

Love your grandson's art….looks like he may be following your footsteps here. He really did a wonderful job on the turtle for being 5! And I always have loved your color drop flowers…..thanks for sharing both.

Mayte clay said...

I like very,very much your crop doll flowers, and your DLP very original. Rewards fromn Spain


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