Saturday, December 13, 2008


This is from our drawing class. Today I did the one with the sheep (that was a challenge!) and I did the plant and the book last time.

This is what I think about drawing, and for me, it has made all the difference in my art progress: drawing is essential if you want to be a better painter! Not that I am that good at it or anything but if you want to have more successful paintings, do mixed media or even draw the darling little curtains in the Christmas village, you need to have at least some drawing experience. We, in our drawing class, call it-"standing in the fire" because when you are drawing something that is feeling especially difficult there is a strong tendency to not push through and quit because the drawing is too hard--- but you must stick with it and see it through. It's the "staying in the fire that moves you forward." And when you have done that you just might be pleased with what you have drawn---and you don't even smell like smoke!! (Can anyone tell me what THAT great story comes from???)

Anyway, that just my advice for the day for what it's worth.

I hope you all will try to make a Christmas Village with Claudine Hellmuth. I found the tea lights at Walgreens and I just can't tell you how cute it is with the tea lights flickering!! I have all her paints and supplies and they are great.


lori vliegen said...

your drawing looks great (i would have definitely struggled with the sheep! overload, overload!). i missed seeing all of you yesterday...but the graduation was great (i posted a photo on my blog!).

Brenda said...

Your drawings are wonderful. Is that part of the drawing class you are doing with, is it Jessica at Cre8it?? Sorry, I can't remember - I know I have bookmarked the class for when I have some spare money.

Tess said...

I can remember trying to sign up for Art class in two different hous during junior high school because of the drawing. How I loved to draw things. I wish I had kept up with it. That sheep does look challenging. I loved both of those drawings. So will we seen them painted sometime?

Panah said...

I must say that your drawing is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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