Saturday, December 6, 2008


Bucky loves the Poppies too! He told me he wanted to pose with the Poppies. (If you look closely you will see his treat right there is front of him with the strict command from me to "leave it"!) I think he jumped the gun and ate about 4 or 5 treats before we got the shot.

This is what I call my "Poppy Minima" series. I really like the one on the canvas with the black sides. It's so much fun when you create something that excites you. (It's the "good high" from the art drug!) Actually this was an experimental canvas that actually worked. It was just a regular gessoed canvas with Golden Absorbent Ground brushed on in two coats which makes any surface into a watercolor surface. It worked pretty well actually. The Aquaboard surface (Ampersand) is similar to this surface. But I actually liked it so I didn't waste my money. I hate wasting money on art stuff. ARGGG!!! Here's one thing that I wasted money on--Golden Garnet Gel. It just looks like dirty gritty sand--I thought it was going to be wonderful Garnet specks on the surface---wrong! Anyway--don't waste your money---but if anyone can tell me how they have successfully used Garnet Gel I would be art-ternally grateful! That's a word I just made up---I make up words sometimes. :)

I want to thank Fannie, another fellow artist blogger, who encouraged me to keep up with the Poppy painting until I have painted every last petal and there is not more in me. So encouraging---- and also there is Lori at Elvie Studio, who is a dear dear art buddy who encourages me almost every day either in person or on one or our wonderful phone marathons! She is a great artist---check her out.

AND--of course all the other frequent encouragers, Tess, Brenda, Magdalene, Sherry, Katy, Julie, Kim, Diane, Jane Farr(couldn't get a link to come up), Carol, Jennifer Kathrine. Oh, I hope I haven't left anyone out. And I hope I got all the hyperlinks right. These are wonderful artists who encourage me frequently and even daily on my blog and I know that I am not good at returning the encouragement like I should---0h tisk tisk me! But I appreciate you all so much and everyone is so very talented and gifted in their art form. oxoxox


Tess said...

Bucky is so cute "guarding" the posies. I too love the one with the black edges. It looks great the way you have it sitting on an easel. Thank you so much for mentioning me on your blog. It is like "giggle juice" for me when I see that. I only wish I could do more to encourage wonderful artists like you and had more funds to buy up all the wonderful things you all make.
Have a great weekend.

Brenda said...

Oh I just love them, especially the one with the black edges, it is very special. Fannie is right, keep on painting the poppies, they are fantastic. Keep on painting your girls too, they are the best. That is so sweet to mention me in your post. I love visiting your blog, your art is very inspiring.

Brenda said...

Oh whoops, wrong Brenda, hehe, oh well.

lori vliegen said...

oh my goodness...i can't believe how cute that photo of bucky standing guard over your poppy collection is! i'm still chuckling over it! :) and speaking of poppies...these are beautiful (as are all of your other ones!). i love that you added your pretty letterforms! thanks for the blog mention...i'm thankful every day for your encouragement, and most important, your friendship. love ya!

Sherry said...

Yes, I agree with Fannie. Never stop painting those poppies. They are all beautiful and no matter how many you paint, they will all have their on personalities.

Jenn said...

awwww...Hi Bucky!!
Your poppies are my favorites:):)
Love all the pretty gals you've been painting lately too!! You are so talented:) xoxo..jenn

Fannie said...

Beautiful poppies, Martha! The community of artists is a wonderful place, isn't it? That's where kindred spirits meet.

Glad to have met you!


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