Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm in the Museum!!! :)

Oh, did I not tell you---my Poppies are now in the British Museum!!!

Just kidding of course. Here is the site where you can put your pieces in the museum too.
My blogger friend Julie had this on her site and I just had to do it. Thank's Julie!!!


Doda said...

That's funny!
I'm going to do one of the kids to give them a laugh.

Gifts of Creation said...

This is so hilarious!! I love it. I hope you are having a fun holiday season!

Tess said...

Oh this is just so neat. I';ve just lost an hour. (They say time flies when you're having fun.) Thanks for the fun website. Your poppies look brilliant in the museum!!

Martha Lever said...

Thank you!!! oxox

Fannie said...

You're poppies made the museum! Hurray! ;-D

Thanks for the link.

Sigrún said...

they would look fantastic that big. I like your pictures and drawings.


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