Thursday, March 14, 2013


I love drawing girls and using my Copic markers. I have a formula that usually
makes for a pretty face although they all have personalities of their own. Sometimes
they look right at you and smile and other times they are bored or pensive. I never know
which girl will emerge. Sometimes one will look mad but I can usually cheer her up.
Her name is Ruby and she is a vintage 1920's girl. She is a pensive one---and maybe a bit bored.


Lisa Graham Art said...

She is so pretty...I love her sweet hat Martha.

Donna said...

Ruby is a lovely vintage gal!
I absolutely love your faces!

Have a creatabulous day!

karenelr said...

Martha, you KNOW you are going to have to do a class (if not many) for us to teach us how to do your fantastic girl faces!!!! I love how yours turn out--I have searched high and low to find the right kind of face that I want to draw and I just discovered it here--on this post! Please create a class!!!! Your work is fabulous!!!

fran pascazio said...

I love your faces, Martha and the fact that you can handle copic markers so well is also amazing! You will have to do a class on your girls!!! You just have to; not that I would be able to do them as well, but I would so love to learn your techniques! I love, love, love your girls as much as your grid journal....watercolors...lettering...I guess I just love what you create!!!

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