Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How to save a painting-or at least take a stab at it!

...that is if I even saved it. I still have trouble from time to time with still lifes that I set up. This red vase is just so gorgeous--so gorgeous in fact that it was difficult to capture it as the light traveled through it to the other side. So as I was nearing the end of the painting and seeing that it was going downhill fast I decided to get out my color shaper and take some desperate measures to try and save this desperate painting.  So I decided to try Julie Ford Oliver's "Fracturing" technique (she has an Artbyte on Daily Paintworks showing how) that she does so marvelously. It was either that or scrape. So I got out my 1" color shaper and started to hack, and slash and laugh like a madwoman (because I was mad!).
So then after the slashing I cleaned my brushes and said... oh well. Then right before heading out the door I looked at it again and decided it needed just a little more torture so I decided this time to try the Iris Scott's technique of finger painting because I didn't want to wash another brush. (You will enjoy her video even if you aren't a painter.) This was actually very fun because I still had color on my palette. Anyway, I don't know if I saved it but at least it's considerably more interesting that it was.
PS...2:50 PM UPDATE--
I just scraped it off. Couldn't stand to look at it. 

All gone---mostly--I wiped some left over paint from my palette over it the wiped a little away from the flowers (just to beat a dead horse a little more)
I can paint something over this since I don't want to lost the wood panel.

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