Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 10 of 30-30 Challenge

More Tulips 12 x 12 on Gesso Panel
As you see I really changed this one, leaving out the window and pumping up the colors.
I started this painting with a dark brown, almost back gessoed background. I am just trying all the different ways to start a painting. There and MANY ways to start a painting. That's the confusing part. Which "start" will I stick with? I don't know yet.

But I decided to help it out in Photoshop before I painted it so below is the image I painted from.

Apparently I 'blued" everything in the painting but I guess while I was painting my inner muse choose blue. I am trying to paint with my instinctive artistic gut so this is how it turned out.

I added the picture below to show where I put the "to die for" window panels. They will live there very nicely. Just need to put a picture over them. As you see I paint from my iPad. 


Pattie Wall said...

Hey Martha - I think your composition turned out wonderfully! I, too, often compose in PS and always use my iPad to paint from. The colors in this one are so lucscious. Paint on!

Mary said...

love the pumped up color, and how just by changing a few elements you have a different painting!

Nancy Bowron said...

Thanks for the tip to use photoshop to simplify the still life. I will try that trick today! Also thanks for sharing your painting journey. Since I started following you, your paintings are getting soooo rich and good! It is encouraging me to invest in some good art workshops and time in the studio.


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