Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Journal Happiness

What do we keep a journal for? 
For me it's always been about creating something that I knew didn't have to be a masterpiece;
or a place for a little masterpiece on a scrap of paper.
Or to see where your art journey was at the time--or just to have a little place to write
a thought. I have been looking through my journals and enjoying what I see
because if I didn't revisit then these pages would be gone from my
memory all together.

This is one of my favorite journals that has lots of yummy scraps and pockets filled with
stuff that I did even remember that I created. Yes, it's journal happiness for sure.

One of my favorite shows on TV right now is "So You Think You Can Dance." 
The dancers on this show are just so hard working, respectful and well mannered. 
This is one of my favorite dance routines. I have lots of favorites
but this one really moved me. If you  have even known someone who struggles
with addiction then you might agree that this dance is the perfect picture of it.
It's pretty intense and if you are not crazy about this style of contemporary
 dance then you might not like it at all.
 I think I like this dancer, Cole, because he is a martial arts expert and
 we spent most of my son's younger years in martial arts class. 
It is a wonderful discipline for young boys if they stick with it. 
That being said, here is my favorite dance with Cole and Lindsay.
Unfortunately Lindsay got voted off last time. :((


Lisa Graham Art said...

Love your pretty pages Martha. I have not heard of this show before. Very charged dance they did.

1st Mate said...

Beautiful journal. I like the scrapbook method you use, rather than drawing directly on the pages, because I'm such a coward (or perfectionist, or both)

jane said...

I love this whimsical font.... maybe someday you will teach a class on this?!!!

Kate said...

Love your journal pages! So much fun inside those journals. And I'm a HUGE fan of the show as well. Cole is definitely an awesome dancer! (Actually they all are!)

Introverted Art said...

My journals are to me a time machine. They allow me to look back in a time when I existed and no longer am... it gives me insight on how much I evolved (or not), on the things I lived, and into my soul.

fran p. said...

Love this journal Martha, would love to see some of the pockets that you mentioned. Great use of little art scrapes.....I love all your journal pages; they are unique and say so much!

mhegan kate said...

Love your journal, Martha. Its creatively done. I think I'll make one of my own. You inspired me. Thanks so much.
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