Saturday, September 1, 2012

Filling in some journal pages

I have been missing my calligraphy nib so I have been going back into some journal pages that were ready for lettering to see if I could find a place for some lettering.  The top journal is a Strathmore Visual Journal with the bristol paper. It is smoother so it helps when I am using a pointed nib.

The bottom journal is one that I made out of cold press Arches watercolor paper. The "believe" was already there so I just decided to add to it.

The lettering is a "Martha variation" of a pointed pen calligraphy hand. I guess if it's anything it is a combination of pressurized Romans with a curly twist. Calligraphy speak there...

Also, I sent out the newsletter last night so hopefully all of you wonderful subscribers got it. Remember to look into your spam folder. I am not sure why that happens but some email programs will think that bulk emails are spam---and lots of the time they are.
But if you don't get it you can always go HERE to read all back issues.
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


Sandi said...

Martha love your jounaling pages, my smashbook has been sadly neglected, love your flowers and calligraphy, hugs

Fran said...

It's so good to see your journal pages again! Love your creativity on these and they do inspire to try some things out. Thank you for sharing!!!

Tam Hess said...

How gorgeous! I love the lettering you do. Very whimsical and beautiful!! xoxo

Mary Walker Designs said...

Love your calligraphy it's super playful.

Linda Jordan said...

Your pages are so gorgeous!! Thanks for the inspiration :)


Introverted Art said...

Martha, these pages are magical.

Sharon said...

Gorgeous Journals, all of them.

Debbie Eckmier said...

Love your journals!! I've been missing your calligraphy too :-)
Like your paintings but it's the journals that inspire me most !
Deb E


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