Saturday, May 19, 2012

Painting #1

Here is my set up. I am finding that the windows are good light but I have to do some lighting from the front to combat the light from the back. But it's the only way the room will set up.
This is a 5x7 on gessoed watercolor paper. I just can't pull myself to do these paintings on a canvas yet or a panel. Too expensive. But I do have some panels coming and I am planning to cut some myself out of masonite. 

It's still wet so the glare is catching it. So this is my "unofficial plan";  If you have time to read this blog post from one of my favorite painters it's a good one and it's explains why "120 paintings".
So my "unofficial plan" (you know about those best laid plans) is to paint 120 paintings by setting up a still life or from a photo (preferably one I have taken if possible) and paint it is oils. I know I have painted many paintings but not so many from a photo or still life. I feel like I am starting over. So this is painting #1.  I say unofficial because I am not holding myself to this plan because I don't want to feel guilty if I head in another direction, which, knowing me, is highly likely! I  am good about heaping art guilt upon myself so I just don't want to quit in frustration. I will try to post everyday but surely that might not happen and in between I am sure there will be journal pages and other things to show. I will also try to show a progression if possible.  So here I go...hope you don't get bored and I will try not to whine so much like a spoiled little brat.


Unknown said...

Looks fabulous Martha. Make sure you wear a mask if you cut Masonite. I have a feeling Masonite dust is not very good for you to breath in.
Good luck.
Kyles :D

Janie Husband said...

oh, to have a plan.... good for you, have a plan and i look forward to your progression.... love the painting... ;-)

Mary said...

so good to have that plan, and so very good to be gentle with yourself if you stray a bit from it!

this is wonderful, as much as i love acrylics you get something extra with oils! you are doing great!

Charmingdesigns said...

Lovely painting...why just oil paints?? Your painting area is delightful, what I would give for good lighting!

BDL Palash said...

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Unknown said...

Love the creamy paint and the brush strokes.


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