Saturday, May 5, 2012

Oil painting--and a mishap--Oh my!

Ok.. so I got really brave today and decided to paint a 24 x 30 in oils with just a palette knife. I am all inspired because I saw Barbara Flowers do a fabulous palette knife oil  demo here in Jacksonville on Saturday. Since I saw her then of course I can do it like her! :)) HA
So it started out like this. I did add crackle for the vase and flowers a couple of days ago so it wasn't all palette knife. I have no idea what I am doing at this point.

I got the background on now. Pretty good so far. Now what in the world do I do at the bottom. I have no idea. So I proceed to try different colors. Now I am beginning to understand why it is good to set up a still life. Then the colors are already chosen for you.) Ok well, whatever...
Uh oh---frustration is now setting in. This was a wipe off below. One of several actually. One thing I did learn from Barbara Flowers---how to scrape it off! 

Well, I could have taken more pictures but I was a mess with paint all over me and didn't want to stop to take a picture and have to take off my gloves.  But after a few screams and French words it ended up like this. I was thinking that I wanted to grudge it up and bit but didn't know how to. 
Then came the mishap. This is before the mishap. The colors aren't as good so I had the bright idea to take it outside.
All wet and sticky (what was I thinking!!??) I took it outside to take a picture and the wind blew it over!  It fell face down right into all the "grungy" tree droppings on the patio. If you zoom in you can see my grunge on the painting. Well, I guess I could have screamed bloody murder but I was afraid that might have alarmed the neighbors so I just picked it up, tried as best I could to at least get of the little wormy like things and a few leaves but I guess I will just have to leave it. It certainly did create some interesting texture. Well, I did want to grunge it up a bit.

So my first big oil painting is finished. It actually was pretty fun--except for the grunge part.


Lisa Graham Art said...

And it turned out lovely...I like the grunge too!

The Introverted Art said...

I like the grunge a lot too. It added great texture and something "extra" to the painting (no pun intended) ;-)

Sharon said...

Love the grunge. I think I heard you scream way up here in WA. Sometime I must tell you about the elk eating some of my dyed fabric I hung out to dry. I think the people in Europe could hear me......

Becca said...

I love it! Thank you for sharing! It turned out lovely, & what great texture from nature!

Flogistix said...

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