Friday, October 14, 2011

Where the Heart Is

Just a little doodling and playing around with some chunky versal lettering. 
 Due date is today. 
We are ready to meet you Morgan and bring you home to your home where the ♥ is!


Janie Husband said...

waiting with you, martha.... hugs

Isabel said...

love this colorful doodle:O) cant wait:O)

Mary said...

such a pretty piece Marthy.
i know you all are anxiously awaiting!!


Millie said...

Love this!!!

Jean M. said...

So pretty love your doodles:)

LuckyDog said...

Oh Martha, that is *gorgeous*! And he will so love his mimi!

Claire M said...

Charming and I can tell that there is a lot of 'heart' in your home!!


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