Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The good the bad and the...kinda ugly

I colored her face in Photoshop because I just couldn't stand her being so unattractive, it helped just a bit.
I left her with just the stabilo black pencil and gel medium.
I painted her with acrylics over the stabilo pencil.

*_______________________ *

Well, if I am committed to posting an art du jour everyday if possile then I guess I should post things that don't really turn out as well. In Sharon's class we were to use just a black stabilo pencil and gel medium and you end up with a sketchy looking gray tone thing (Sharon's was precious) but it is really a good study in shadows. It seemed like to me that once I started setting the stabilo pencil with the gel medium I had only one shot at it to get the color in place. It is surprising how much pigment these pencils will put down. But all in all it was fun and a good exercise.I did these last night but I painted the top image in Photoshop this morning because she was just really scary. This is turning out to be an interesting art journal with girls I have painted form the different classes I have taken.


PaperPumpkin said...

I enjoy seeing your process, Martha. Even the ones that you think are "kinda ugly" and that need fixing up in the morning (!)are fun for me to view and learn from. I will always admire your art-everyday. Now get some sleep!~Kathy

Buffy said...

Love all the journal pages,and I don't think any of the girls are ugly! I've been thinking about signing up for Norahs class,sounds like fun.

Mary said...

I am glad left her and posted her.
I think she has great appeal.

Tess said...

I don't think any of them are ugly. The yellow girl does look ill. But I always think of a yellowish skintone look as somneone being ill. I think the first girls looks very young and is in her transition stage from teen to woman. Loosing her baby face look and develping that womanly look. I so enjoy seeing the progression of your pages.

Diane said...

Martha, your journal pages are as beautiful as your girls--I know what you mean about just using the pencil for the face--I did one, but had to add some color.


I just love coming to see you each day with my cup of coffee ... whether it be my morning cup, or my evening cup...I love what you do. You don't make ugly art...it's just not possible...all of your ladies have a richness about them!

I just love that you take all sorts of classes...I've wanted to do that all my life, I used to beg for art lessons as a child, but was never granted any...

thanks again Martha!



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