Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 46 of Documented Life Project--Add Fabric

Oh man, did I ever have fabric just itching to be used. This is Ranger ink sprays on this canvas fabric which is so fun to do. Then I used my Sailor Fountain Pen with just regular ink to write the quote.
This was a fun one!!  I love painting fabric!


maria bela said...

It's soooooooooooo cool!
Love it!

Janet Joehlin said...

Lovely! The DLP brings out the best in all of us! I love seeing all the creative goodness. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

It is fascinating how each day of our life is a piece of art and how different ones journal it. I am a psychic. I am considering journaling what I see in the fashion of your project. Love your work. Jo Hammers the Mystic

Anonymous said...

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stefanie stark said...

I love it to see how you create your documented life project pages. Your lettering and coloring looks adorable! I found this project a few weeks ago in the internet and was so excited. Therefore I have joined the website for 2015 and already did a little bit on my own up to now. I'm looking forward to participate in 2015.


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