Tuesday, September 30, 2014

DLP Week 40---Three colors I don't use together--Journal Page

Well usually in it strongest tints I don't use these colors together but when I paint I am sure that I do use variations of these colors. As I wrote on the bottom, I was going to use mauve, tan and mint green but I just couldn't stand to look at them!!

I edited out the dots because it was getting too busy. If you say the Facebook page you can see the dots.
I need to just be ok with a little white space!


Anonymous said...

There are no such thing as yucky colours. An artist really should be inclusive and recognise the beauty in all, otherwise it is very limiting.

Joyfulploys said...

Martha...you are such a great sketch artist...and painter, as well! I've been checking out your posts...good stuff! Our dog is getting older too. He takes his fish oil and joint supplements every day...they seem to help him.

Unknown said...

I just signed up for some art classes that start in a couple of weeks. I've been online looking at different pieces of art and these are awesome! I can't wait to get start so that I can start doing stuff like this.



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