Friday, July 27, 2012

The View from Friday

Ok well to start off this daily painting week my intention was to paint lesson 5 with Dan Edmondson which I am enjoying so much. I am learning to paint things that I would never even try to attempt, like a martini glass with a pear in it with grapes! YIKES. But that is later this week.
I am working on painting 120 paintings, some pretty good, some not so good but I learn more with the not so good ones.
Here is the first one. This one is an 8x8 on a linen panel.

Below are the abstract poppies that I painted at 11:00 the other night. I should never so that because it keeps me up but sometimes I just have to go into my little painting closet and paint to keep from going to bed. I never liked going to bed even as a child.

Then came this one that I thought was going to be so cute from the photograph but came out not so good to me. I am not sure why but I think the pink flowers are rather garish. I just didn't feel that little tingle that I sometimes get when I feel like I nailed it. I seem to get that little thrill more when I paint something from my imagination rather than from a photograph.
But my goal is to paint from real life and photos that I take.

Most of these daily paintings are 6x6 or 6x8--and sometimes 8x8.
These next two were painted the same day. Again these were just intuitive paintings and not looking at a photo.

This one has some collage tissue in the background. You see, I am reverting back to my "grungy" style but using oils rather than acrylics. I am really liking the oils now. I use water soluble oils as well as the regular oils. As I paint through my regular oils I think I will probably just stick to the water soluble oils.
The thought is rolling around in my head to do an online class on using these water soluble oils and paint some flowers and make a little masterpiece..because you know that everything painted in oils is a masterpiece!

Here is the one I painted yesterday. It's a 6x8 collage with oils. I enjoyed painting it and it looks like alot of other paintings I have painted. I always go to these safe background colors but I need to branch out and get adventurous.

 Ok, now for Lesson 5 of Dan Edmondson's class. I put this one off as long as I could because I was intimidated by the martini glass. Well it actually wasn't that hard. You just paint what you see and not what you think you see. That's easier said than done. Of course it helps to see him paint it also.

So there is another week of painting. As always if you would like to purchase any of these paintings you can do that at my website or Daily Paintworks.

Have a wonderful weekend and have a creative week!
I will leave you with this valuable and  oh so true quote:

"Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow."
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Janie Husband said...

morning coffee with martha, again...yippee.....i wondered if you were using ws oils....beautiful little paintings, martha....hope you are having a relaxing summer....too hot here for me....... ;-)

teri said...

I've always wondered if I would like oils - because I get frustrated when acrylics dry out too quickly as I paint. What do you find to be the major difference between the two, in terms of working with them?

I love the kind of Tuscan look of your top painting - the red flowers and the clay pots.

Jean M. said...

Your paintings are them all:)

katie purcell said...


jgr said...

Gorgeous paintings, as always. You never fail to inspire me!

fran p. said...

The martini glass painting is beautiful, Martha [I don't know why you worry so]' as are all of these paintings you have shared with us. You never cease to amaze me or inspire me.....thank you.

anniebeez said...

Martha its so wonderful to see you posting again-I've missed your blog. You make me want to take up oils again!

Introverted Art said...

Just breathtaking. I hope to be like you when I grow up :D

Lisa Graham Art said...

Look at all of this beauty Martha! I really love all of them and especially your "signature" paintings of the floral vases with designs at the bottom. I am amazed at the rate you are painting! I would be able to make more art work if it weren't for the internet!

Diane said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your paintings. Just today I watched a video and I thought of you.
"every day's a good day when you paint."

Peggy said...

Martha, I always learn so much from your classes...I will take whatever class you teach!!!


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