Thursday, September 8, 2011

Practicing on the 10x10s

Ok, well, this how the practice looks.  Messy messy--yes, painting makes a mess. I actually don't mind the mess because I always start clean then quickly move toward the mess. These are three that I am just practicing on to see if anything inspired me for a big one. I have to get up my courage for the big ones. But sometimes these smaller ones can turn into a big one.
So here is the first one I finished. (It's the one on the right above)

 I don't know why I have these days where it feels like I am forcing everything and nothing seems to work right but today was one of those days. I think this painting should be called, "Feeling Blue and Out of Place".  Tomorrow when I have fresh eyes I will probably paint it back red but I was feeling rebellious and bored. I hate it when I spend so much time on these little 10 x 10 practice pieces but sometimes it turns out that way. Next I will practice on the middle one which I think already has an interesting vase. And the mess is getting to me now so I need to stop and clean up. Maybe my problem was that I didn't start clean today. It was a mess when I started painting.  I am learning that everyday is not necessarily an easy painting day. Just part of the journey. Somedays the art road is bumpy.
Oh and also I bought myself a present last night. It's this!  Now for sure I will be a better painter, right??? The thing goes horizontal! Woo-hoo!


katie purcell said...

Sounds like a spiritual picture to me......thankful He cleans us up and we start fresh everyday.
Can't wait for you to sell all the 10 x 10's. Paint on Martha!!!!

Susan Turney said...

I love that you're having so much fun with these! I'm hooked on your watercolor classes and so enjoying them. I'm doing the poppies now and you mention PDFs but I can't seem to find them any place on your blog or on the class pages. Can you let me know where to get them? Thanks!

Say It In Color said...

Thanks for the easel link!!! I just ordered one....a friend has a 600. dollar one and I couldn't see paying that, but this will be perfect for my customer viewing window to put my latest art on!!! paint from it!!! Love this piece and love the blue fits because it is a true life situation and with God's works!!! Love your paintings!!!

Marilyn Rock said...

Enjoy your new easel. And; I think you've been a better painter for a long time now :)


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