Friday, June 4, 2010

A 15 minute journal page...and a little house with some big trees

If you have never really made a collage journal then Kelly Kilmer's class is a good one! I am trying to do a collage journal page in 15 minutes every day and here is the one I did at 11:00 last night. I couldn't let the day go by without slapping some scraps in a book.
And here is the next painting with the oils. I went to my class yesterday and painted my black and while value study. It was hard---very hard. Maybe I will blog it when I get the background
put in properly.
I decided the get some canvas paper so I could practice without using all of my stretched canvases just in my practice. This painting is inspired from an artist I found on Daily Painters but unfortunately I can't find it again so I can give them credit for this reference photo but I will keep looking and add them to this post when I find them. I am not really sure what this artist used to apply the paint but I suspect it was a pallet knife so that is what I used in this painting. Pallet knives give that wonderful chunky look but you have to have a very light touch or you will end up with a smoochy mess. One stroke is about all you get. I won't you all of my smooshy messes. Again NFS--(not that you would want to buy it) but I am just making sure it is clear that these are all reference photos from artists that are an inspiration to me in my oil painting journey and it's all a learning tool for me at this point.


NatashaMay said...

I'm so excited for you that you're exploring the oils. :) You're doing awesome!

jgr said...

Yes, awesome! I like the painting and your journal page-what a great use of scraps. Also your new banner is lovely!

Buffy said...

Martha I Love your house with trees,I love the effect of the pallet knife.I might have to try that with acrylics. I have wanting to take an oil class,i really like the look of them. Oh and your journal page is nice too,sounds like a fun class. I just bought a book last night called journal spilling.

Bren said...

Great journal page, I see you and Mary are taking Kelly's journaling workshop, enjoying your pages.
I can't imagine the challenge of painting using mostly a pallet knife, but I would love the textured effect :-)

Elizabeth said...

First of all- LOVE your new Poppy Banner!!!! I have heard alot about Kelly Kilmers journal in 15 minutes- Love your little collage. I overthink my journal pages so badly but I am trying hard to work on that!!!

Mary said...

Thanks Martha, I have been using firefox from the beginning, wonder what happened.

Aren't you loving this collage??
I did two pages this morning. I am having so much fun!!

I can see the beginnings of a fabulous oil paint artist in you.
I love the texture that one gets with oils. Nothing like it!!

freebird said...

When I am tired a page using Kelly's collage is relaxing and alhtough it usually takes me more than 15 minutes I am happy when I have it done as sometimes that is the only art I felt I could do on that day. Yours looks very nice.

Creative Carmelina said...

so much fun coming here! you're like me, slapping paint around at night....

nothing like a good art session before a delicious restful night of sleep...then we wake up and do it all over again! lol

thanks for popping in to see me....i love it when you do that!

ciao bella

enjoy your weekend

creative carmelina

PaperPumpkin said...

I have also been loving Kelly's class, Martha! Your page is wonderful and I love your painting!! Oh, and have I mentioned that your Poppies Banner is out-of-this-world crazy gorgeous??

DJ said...

I love your painting of this cute house. Those luscious trees are an added bonus!
Several of my landscapes back a few pages on my blog were done with a palette knife. Simple compositions with beaches and mountains work well for a palette knife application. The top & bottom of Lurking Temptress was done with a palette knife, btw.
You're doing GREAT.
Keep painting and ENJOY!

Dotti said...

I really like your Kelly K journal page. My friend and I are signing up for that class tomorrow...meanwhile I'm sending her (my friend) a link to your blog because I was telling her about your caligra-fun class. Nice to see you are enjoying your oil painting. I oil paint with the traditional oils and haven't painted in a long time because of the clean-up issues! These sound like a dream come true!

Lisa Holtzman said...

Oh I love this Martha!


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