Saturday, October 24, 2009

Copics Class

Well, I finally had my first Copics class and I must say that I learned so much. I was basically doing it pretty much right but the instructor gave us some great tips as to the nature of the marker and what it would do--and not do, how to refill and change the nibs. You never throw them away. That's why they are expensive. It truly is an investment and I am loving them more and more as I use them. They will never take the place of my beloved watercolors (love them, always!) but this is such a great and portable way to colors things. I might join the Copics club on Thursdays and the instructor teaches us more intricate and detailed ways of blending and shading. I feel that it is a great way to learn about colors, blending, shading and values.

And I have treated myself to something special. When I get it I will show you! I have a birthday coming up so---that's a very good excuse to purchase this thing. Can you Copics folks guess what it is??? I bet you can!


CelticWoman said...

well all I have to say is if you ordered the airbrush you are in for a year of ecstasy and then it just gets better from there. I am a watercolor artist also and they are running a tight race right now. so glad you enjoyed your class. Sandi

Mary said...

can't wait to see what you ordered, and how you use it.

You know, I think I have a few of these markers and never really used them. I remember picking up a few when I began journaling and remembering them coming through the pages - I was using a thin paper at the time. Will have to check to see if I am remembering correctly.

Martha, thank you for your comments, both on flickr and my blog. You are so sweet and encouraging to me my friend!


tami said...

Are you taking these classes at Donna's? I am so tempted!!
You make it seem irresistable.


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